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Idit Aharon was born in Israel in Alonei Abba , moshav near Bethelhem of the Galilee. Her parents divorced when Idit was three years old. She and her mother wondered from kibbutz to kibbutz and from city to city, living a life of indescribable poverty both financial and emotional. 

To make matters even more unbearable, Idit's mother suffered from a severe case of schizophrenic paranoia. Due to her immense suffering and longing for her father, whom she saw only during vacation times, Idit turned into a youngster whose attendance at school became erratic at best. She dropped out of school at the beginning of eighth grade, living alone in the greater Tel Aviv area. She supported herself by working at different jobs which came her way and from child support provided by her father.

At the age of 15 and a-half, Idit was accepted into the Avni School for higher Art Education in Tel Aviv, tuition free, due to her difficult financial situation and her artistic talent. Afterwards, she lived in Holland for a year and toured the world, carrying in her knapsack, as it were all of the baggage of her childhood. In time this heavy baggage was to become the catalyst which transformed her into the happy, joyous person which Idit is today.

At the age of 24 Idit became a "baalat teshuva" (a "returnee" to Judaisim); and, a year later, she married the man who is her husband until this very day.


She is the mother of eight children whom she describes as her "life's project". Idit became a full-time mother, in every sense of the word, for 20 years. When the children grew up, and Idit finally found dome free time, she began to paint once againn and to work as lecturer of Art Studies at Safed College. She set up and art gallery in the Artists' Quarter of Safed, and enjoys great blessingn from the work of her hands.

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Through many of her typically color-saturated paintings, she tells a tale, tales which not once end in tears, on both sides... "Everythin begins and ends with Love", she explains, "and with Peace... andn with the understanding that one must see with 'a good eye' and with compassion." Several of Idit's famous paintings are entitled Idit's Tree of Life, The Hamsa, and Idit's Pomegranates